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Sixth Sunday after Pentecost – June 30, 2024 – 9:30am

The Common Thread

God’s mercy may be depended upon even in times of trouble. Confess, sinner. Make the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving, then there it is: fresh and dependable as the morning. We are tested from time to time, sometimes severely, but these are times for us to shine with grace. This is when our little may become God’s bounty. Have a little faith and know the wellness of God’s peace.

First Reading – Lamentations 3:22-33

Our lessons today are filled with grief and sadness, and with compassion and joy. Those who have a complaint should be patient, for the Lord is merciful. Though God may have dispatched some painful lesson or permitted some grief, he does so with good purpose. One should place her hope in the Lord. Soon enough, God will also provide his mercy because of his faithful love.

Psalm – Psalm 30:1-8

King David made many mistakes, and he sinned against the Lord more than a few times. He — and others — paid awful prices for these trespasses. Yet, the Lord always restored his life. David admitted that the Lord had briefly been angry with him but that the favor the Lord had bestowed on him lasted a lifetime. Though there was real reason for lament, for sackcloth and mourning, the Lord turned all of his sadness into joy. 

Second Reading – 2 Corinthians 8:1-913-15

The church in Judea was afflicted by a severe famine and the apostles undertook a mission to raise money from other churches to provide food for those poor believers. A poor and afflicted church in Macedonia rose to the occasion, overflowing with generosity though they were extremely poor themselves. This should always be the response of the church: Help those in need even if you do not have the resources. Of course, you do not have the resources. God has the resources! He needs you to give them. This is often how God turns sadness into joy for both the needy and the giver. 

Gospel – Mark 5:21-43

Oh, how the faithless laugh. They will not believe that God is merciful and compassionate. Yet, some few will believe when everyone else mocks. A little girl was dying and her father came to Jesus, imploring him to make her well. On the way to the man’s house, a woman who had been hemorrhaging for a dozen years touched the edge of his garment. Many had done this very thing in Gennesaret and been healed (Mark 14:34-36). This poor woman was also made well. Jesus then went into the house of the man with the dying daughter. Indeed, by now she had died. Jesus said she was not dead but sleeping. Though they laughed, he then brought her back to life as easily as one wakens a sleeping child.

May such faith as that of Jairus and this woman move the Church to greater belief. May we reach out to Jesus and be healed of any lack of faith.